Don’t Shop For Backpacks At Your College Bookstore!

If you are like me, then you are the kind of person that spends the whole summer having a good freaking time and totally procrastinating on all the back to school shopping that you have to do before the college semester starts. It true slacker fashion, I thought that I would shop for my school supplies at the campus bookstore. Ha!

This turned out to be an absolutely terrible idea!

Not only were the available selections entirely too limited, but the prices were astronomical! Seriously. Even something as simple as a spiral bound notebook was like three times the price of a local store like Wal-mart.

Pretty much the only thing that you can get a good deal on at the college bookstore is the software and sometimes the computers. For example, if they offer Apple computers then you likely get the student pricing, which is the cheapest you will ever get on the new models. Same goes for software like Microsoft Office or Adobe products.

Backpacks and other school bags were super over priced. Like the most expensive that I have ever seen pretty much anywhere. In fact, they were so high priced that I went right to  the internet to get the lowest price. I got lucky and found a bag that fit my needs perfect on this site, but there were also some cute options I found here.

Basically, you can find plenty of cheaper options – and a lot better selection – by avoiding the bookstore on campus and shopping on the web or in some local shops.

And be sure to get a pack that will hold all your stuff! Like the one in the pic below.

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